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Pia We Hardly Knew Ye!

Its been 5 days since Pia Toscano was voted off American Idol and I am still terribly upset (oh ok, let’s say somewhat peeved) by the results.

Too Talented To Be American Idol?

Two weeks earlier, the amazingly crazy-talented Casey Abrams had to be saved by the judges in order to stay in the contest. Sure American Idol is a mediocre show at best, but why do the really talented contestants have to be voted off so early in the process? Are we so committed to mediocrity that we need to devour our best efforts to maintain the depths of our status quo? Are we fundamentally unable to accurately assess talent or quality? Is this the true nature of fame?

Let’s take Pia, for instance. Not only can the girl really sing, she is beautiful and poised. Not only that, Pia and I graduated from the same high school at different times! No wonder she has my vote! As far as I’m concerned, everyone else (except maybe Casey) should go home and Pia should be crowned American Idol right now.

So, what’s wrong with her? She’s a 22-year-old Italian American Princess from Howard Beach, NY? She’s a makeup artist? She’s beautiful? She’s talented? She doesn’t move around the stage as much as the judges would like? She is somewhat shy?

Shyness should have nothing to do with the voting. David Cook, last year’s winner spent at least 7/8ths of the competition looking like a deer caught in the headlights of a Mack truck!

So what gives?

Perhaps we should defer to a secondary definition of the word  “idol” as “something visible but without substance.”

That would at least make sense.