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Legendary Amazon Product Tests Our Understanding

Few products ever offered for sale on Amazon are more defiantly mysterious than the legendary The Parent Child Testing Device.  Shrouded in the mists of ambiguity and inscrutability, The Parent Child Testing Device to this very day defies logic and plausible description.  Although no longer available for sale on the Amazon site, the collective cultural memory of this astounding product lives on forever through fable, folk song and product reviews.

The product image appeared to be a tribal headdress, perhaps the sculpted bust of a giant monster insect wearing a Shogun helmet, or perhaps it was something else entirely?  Who could truly say exactly what it was,  as there was no product description provided!  Amazon customers are completely used to insufficient or unhelpful product descriptions but in this case even a few words would have helped!

 The title of the product, Parent Child Testing Device,  is simultaneously so logical and practical and yet imbued with a dark undercurrent of uncertainty and anxiety. What could be more stressful than the mutual testing of parents and children?

The price was perhaps the most shocking aspect of all!
 The Parent Child Testing Device was offered at  multi-pack discount pricing normally reserved for office supplies and grocery products, and yet this was no inexpensive product. 
-10 Pack for $15,000 and 15 Pack for $25,000.
Only the 15 pack was available, the 10 was out of stock. 

So, we ask ourselves the following perhaps unanswerable questions:
-What was Amazon trying to tell us?
-What was this product trying to tell us?
-Did we really need all 15?

Only the most secure, intuitive and imaginative a reviewer would or could venture to explain the true essence of this fundamentally mysterious product.

One brave soul, Timothy Poteet, came close. 
His review of The Parent Child Testing Device is our featured Parody Review of The Day.