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The Middletons Hit A Fashion Home Run!

Courtesy of BBC.com.uk


Not only was the bride beautiful, her dress was breathtaking!
Pipa, her sister-bridesmaid-train carrier,  was beautiful as well.
Who wouldn’t want to wear these dresses?
Courtesy of squidoo.com

If you have to wear a hat, it might as well be a blueberry waffle! Some call it a "fascinator", I call it ridiculous!

I apologize for my snarky comments about Kate’s choice of head wear.  Admittedly it does show the girl has a sense of humor….but a silly hat is a silly hat, and open to ridicule. Only the Pope and the current Queen of England can get away with wearing silly hats without a sense of irony.

So here’s to you on your day, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, great-great-great granddaughter of coal miners and laborers!  You may come from “common” stock but your fashion sense and poise is anything but common.
The Royals look dowdy in comparison to the glossy, picture perfect Middletons.
Let’s hope that this Kate has substance as well as flair!

With this ring, I do…..oh, nevermind!

Where is Wills' Ring?

Royal Wedding Wool Gloves by Donna Wilson

So here we are,  with just hours to go before the Royal Wedding, our alarm clocks already carefully set to wake us in the pre-dawn hours so we can tune in to all the mind-numbing media blah blah…and the mesmerizing goofy-pompous pageantry!

One bit of Royal Wedding trivia I find somewhat memorable is that Prince Wills has chosen not to wear a wedding ring.

According to “The Daily Mail” web site, Kate understands and accepts this decision.

Of course, when you are marrying the probable future King of England, a commoner probably has few pre-nuptial bargaining chips. It’s not like she hasn’t signed a rock solid pre-nuptial agreement that guarantees her banishment perhaps  to the Orkney Islands should she  not turn out to be the “perfect queen-wife”.

Also, one of the main benefits of marrying a Royal is the huge amount of serious bling that comes with the job. I mean, this is really serious, serious jewelry…..tiaras, crowns,  even maces! It’s not like a girl is going to say to her fiancé: “If you don’t wear a ring…..I won’t either!” She’d have to be a total idiot to give that up….right?

When she made the one ring deal I am not sure she knew that her ring was going to be, according to the Daily Mail article,  cast from a lump of Welsh gold that was owned by the groom’s family.  This lump of Welsh gold business sounds sort of romantic but also sort of pedestrian.

First of all, she could have used the moment she was told about the lump of Welsh gold to say something like:

“Oooh! Honey! That’s so romantic! Lets have two rings made out of that one lump of Welsh gold!”
I suspect she might secretly be disappointed that her wedding ring won’t have once belonged to Queen Victoria or even Wallis Simpson (who certainly knew her bling).  A lump of Welsh gold just doesn’t have the provenance, the gravitas or the historic import of something truly antique and rare .
The one thing totally in Prince William’s favor is that unlike most men, he can hardly put one past an unsuspecting sweet young thing he may meet at an office Christmas party. When you get married in Westminster Abbey before millions of people, who will believe it when you say:
 “Who me? No Babe,  I’m not married!”

In a dither about what to get for Will and Kate!

Will and Kate Secret Members of Tea Party!!!!

 While I am waiting for my invitation to arrive, I’ve been searching for the perfect wedding present for darling Prince William and his lovely fiance Kate.

The wedding is April 29th, and all the press and publicity is really getting me psyched for the event.  I have a dress and wide-brimmed hat picked out. 

 I just can’t find the right gift.

I checked out the “Official Royal Wedding 2011:” web site.  Absolutely no help in gift selection! In fact there was a request to contribute to something called “The Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund.”  Where’s the fun in that?

I’ve been searching Amazon for suggestions.

Have found a few within my certainly ample budget of $19.99 (US).

"Bed Hog" His and Hers Matching Pillowcases $19.99

What says “Newlyweds” better than his and her’s matching pillowcases?
Especially ones that say “Bed Hog”!
Imagine the yucks these will provide their first night together!

Twilight Moon “Always There” His and Hers Matching Ring Set $19.99

 There is NOTHING more romantic than the “Twilight” series!
These beautiful matching rings are just perfect!
And check out the inside of the ring box:
“I will always be there for you too”!
Could you just die?

The King’s Speech Blue Ray DVD $19.99

Let’s face it, honeymoons can get boring, especially if there is rain. A really classy present would be this recent Oscar winner based on a true story of a recent King of England. I am sure Will will find the history fascinating and Kate will love the period costumes. Not sure if they have Blue Ray in England, but its a wedding present so might as well pony up for the best.


If any of you have suggestions for the perfect wedding gift for Will and Kate, please let me know!

There are only a few weeks left before the big day.