Your Questions Answered

As Wise as Aphrodite and As Beautiful as Athena!

Wandrwoman lives and works in Themyscira
(her ancestral Amazonian home) and  in New York City. She lives with a dog, two cats and a husband.

Despite rumours otherwise, Wandrwoman is only distantly related (2nd cousin) to Wonder Woman. Although both are super heroes in their own right, there are many differences between the two Amazonians.

Unlike Wonder Woman, Wandrwoman does not possess super human strength, is not fluent in every spoken language in the world, and cannot beat off bullets with her Bracelets of Aegis.

Like Wonder Woman, Wandrwoman possesses the traits of animal empathy, regeneration (with the assistance of Neosporin and Bandaids) and the resistance to  magic.

Wandrwoman is an excellent Relationship Therapist with

  • NO Training!
  • NO Experience!
  • NO Certification!

She offers free consultations and advice to all registered visitors!
Look for the “Wandrwoman’s Realtionship Advice ” link on the top menu bar to enter her waiting room.

In her spare time, Wandrwoman writes product reviews on Amazon.

She is an Amazon on Amazon!


6 responses to “Your Questions Answered

    • Thank you for the kind words Annie! Also thank you for the interesting book suggestion on penis panic, an issue of great interest to so many of us. Will be sure to purchase a copy.

  1. I just got started. No doubt all of your reviews are brilliant, but I’ll be more specific later. What energy! boredom must be your enemy.

    • Dear Don,
      Thank you for your kind and generous comment.
      Boredom is not my enemy, procrastination is!
      Please return sometime for free, invaluable relationship advice. I still have some non-existent, virtual fruit baskets to give out.
      Regards to your beautiful wife,

  2. Thank you Theo! Lord knows I try!

  3. Congratulations, Wandrwoman! Glad to see you’re up and running. Now more than ever the world needs your wisdom!

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