The Middletons Hit A Fashion Home Run!

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Not only was the bride beautiful, her dress was breathtaking!
Pipa, her sister-bridesmaid-train carrier,  was beautiful as well.
Who wouldn’t want to wear these dresses?
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If you have to wear a hat, it might as well be a blueberry waffle! Some call it a "fascinator", I call it ridiculous!

I apologize for my snarky comments about Kate’s choice of head wear.  Admittedly it does show the girl has a sense of humor….but a silly hat is a silly hat, and open to ridicule. Only the Pope and the current Queen of England can get away with wearing silly hats without a sense of irony.

So here’s to you on your day, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, great-great-great granddaughter of coal miners and laborers!  You may come from “common” stock but your fashion sense and poise is anything but common.
The Royals look dowdy in comparison to the glossy, picture perfect Middletons.
Let’s hope that this Kate has substance as well as flair!

4 responses to “The Middletons Hit A Fashion Home Run!

  1. You’re right of course. A silly hat is a silly hat, and there’s not much that can be said in the defense of it!

  2. Y’see if you colonials hadn’t kicked us out over that tea incident, she would be YOUR future Queen too…..

  3. Was at Sibley Hospital an hour ago where there was a sign on one of the offices that said –Elopment Risk.
    Guess one upcoming American bride got intimated by this morning’s fairy tale wedding.
    Not only was the dress, hairdo, and tiara perfect, but she walked that 30 foot aisle like a royal princess.

    • Gracious Kesselkats! Wandrwoman sure hopes you weren’t in the Psychiatric wing of Sibley Hospital! “Elopement Risk” is a nursing home term that warns of the “propensity of an individual with cognitive impairment to escape a secure area. ” We use it in Themyscira all the time. Its a nicer way of saying “don’t let the super-human crazys escape!”

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