In a dither about what to get for Will and Kate!

Will and Kate Secret Members of Tea Party!!!!

 While I am waiting for my invitation to arrive, I’ve been searching for the perfect wedding present for darling Prince William and his lovely fiance Kate.

The wedding is April 29th, and all the press and publicity is really getting me psyched for the event.  I have a dress and wide-brimmed hat picked out. 

 I just can’t find the right gift.

I checked out the “Official Royal Wedding 2011:” web site.  Absolutely no help in gift selection! In fact there was a request to contribute to something called “The Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund.”  Where’s the fun in that?

I’ve been searching Amazon for suggestions.

Have found a few within my certainly ample budget of $19.99 (US).

"Bed Hog" His and Hers Matching Pillowcases $19.99

What says “Newlyweds” better than his and her’s matching pillowcases?
Especially ones that say “Bed Hog”!
Imagine the yucks these will provide their first night together!

Twilight Moon “Always There” His and Hers Matching Ring Set $19.99

 There is NOTHING more romantic than the “Twilight” series!
These beautiful matching rings are just perfect!
And check out the inside of the ring box:
“I will always be there for you too”!
Could you just die?

The King’s Speech Blue Ray DVD $19.99

Let’s face it, honeymoons can get boring, especially if there is rain. A really classy present would be this recent Oscar winner based on a true story of a recent King of England. I am sure Will will find the history fascinating and Kate will love the period costumes. Not sure if they have Blue Ray in England, but its a wedding present so might as well pony up for the best.


If any of you have suggestions for the perfect wedding gift for Will and Kate, please let me know!

There are only a few weeks left before the big day.



23 responses to “In a dither about what to get for Will and Kate!

  1. Relationship advice? Me? All the problems I have are someone else’s fault. Obviously.

    • The first step is to admit you have a problem (that is not someone else’s fault). It is obvious you haven’t reached that point yet, but I have faith that perhaps someday…

  2. I didn’t realize you had a blog as well, kewl. I still stick by my gift choices posted you-know-where. 😉

    • Kort, I had hoped to find some good suggestions on that board. But nooooo, they all turned out to be dirty rotten anti-monarchists. Hmmpf!
      Your his and her’s key hook suggestions were quite excellent. I can see them on the wall of Windsor Palace, right by the front door.

  3. “I was walloped with some quite expensive handbags…..”

    At least you weren’t skimped on with cheap handbags. That would be worse.

  4. Totty is demeaning UK slang for a desirable woman, often used in the phrase “posh totty” or “a bit of totty” according to the Internet but that’s fairly accurate to be honest.

    A few years ago I was on a business trip to Barcelona speaking at an external conference (yeah I was surprised too). I was in a taxi/mini bus going from the hotel to a restaurant and I was in the back with about four quite senior ladies (Partners in Consulting firms type of things) – when I brightly announced “Hey, I’m in the back with the totty” I was walloped with some quite expensive handbags…..

    • Well Tweedy, I always say if you are going to be walloped by handbags, its best to be walloped by the expensive kind. The imprint of the double “C” emblem on one’s forehead is at least, a sign of quality and sophistication.
      PS. I have a “relationship advice” column on this blog, should you require it.

  5. I asked, but he rather likes bank notes with a picture of his Grandma on them….

    • Tweedy, I agree! There is nothing like bank notes with a picture of one’s Grandma on them! My Grandma Clara is quite fetching on a 1,000 Ruble note! You can see wisps of her grey hair under the head scarf. A very stately woman.

    • So I guess notes with George Washington are out of the question too? I’ll have to go count how much pounds I have stashed away since my last trip to the UK, it isn’t much though. I’m waiting for the dollar to finish sinking before exchanging them.

  6. Fantastic news – I have spoken to our future King and his Totty and they just want cash. For reasons of both simplicity and security they have asked that you send it via me and have offered their thanks in advance.
    They don’t need a gas mask as Camilla lives somewhere else.

    • Cash? Well, I do have some old Saddam era Iraqi dinars lying around that I could spare. Would that suffice?

    • Tweedy, While I am not exactly familiar with the term “Totty”, I catch your drift. I posted this same question on the UK Amazon Vine board and can you believe received some quite hostile answers! Really! It is very generous of you to offer to your services to forward the cash I may send to the bridal couple. Do you take “Pay Pal”?

  7. Oops, forgot you already had a gas mask posted, lol. Well, this one is made by a different country. The Israelis have certainly had practice using them.

    • Susan, I think the “Help A Bear is Eating Me” book an interesting suggestion but am concerned that the bridal couple may not be big readers or may find bears frightening. I do like the “his and hers Israeli gas masks” idea though…..

      • “I do like the “his and hers Israeli gas masks” idea though…..”

        They could start a new fashion. Isn’t that what royals do?

  8. Okay, I have thought long and hard about this. I decided the gift should be practical and useful. So here is what I’m thinking:

    Because you can never be too prepared. On the other hand, this might work too:

    If you get one used, it will be under the $20 mark. In today’s climate, it just might come in handy! Since the prospective groom and bride love each other so much, they can share it should the need arise. That is what marriage is all about right? Compromise and sharing.

  9. I was planning on taking the day off and playing golf…..
    But please send any gifts to me and I’ll pass them on.

  10. I’m stumped…. I’m trying to think of something wonderful for a gift….. Hmmmm – you got me thinking, now.

  11. You didn’t get your invitation yet? I got mine last week. Since you are in New York and a lot closer to England, I figured you would get yours first! As for gifts, I’m still up in the air and will have to get back to you. Do you think Tweedy will make it down from Scotland for the big event?

    • The post office (idiots!) says it was mis-delivered! Can you imagine? Someone else has my invite! Where is Tweedy these days? Dubai? Perth? Do let me know when you decide on a present!

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